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Why the caprylique acid (C8) is better than the coconut oil?

oil MCT

Oil MCT or sour laurique TCM, caprilique acid, you blend a bit brushes? Here is the small special guide oil C8!

The oil MCT

The oil M8 C8 differs from some oil ordinary MCT. MCT, or TCM in French, means Triglycérides with Medium Chain. The oil ordinary MCT contains four fatty acids with medium chain (C6, C8, C10, C12) in variable concentration, while the oil MCT C8 is composed in 100 % of pure caprylique acid (the fatty acid C8).

«C8» refers to the chain in eight atoms of carbon which characterises this specific fatty acid. But in general, fatty acids can contain between 1 and 30 carbon atoms. Each of them has unique biochemical properties.

The oil MCT C8 is in fact some coconut cleaned to contain only some caprylique acid. Indeed, the caprylique acid (C8) seems to be the fatty acid with medium chain the most active on the metabolism.

What are MCT?

MCT are a special type of grease which your body can convert fast into energy. They give a multitude of advantages to the persons who search a healthier and active way of life. The single molecule MCT is composed of three fatty acids and a glycerol. Three fatty acids tied to the glycerol have each a chain of atoms of carbon of medium length going from 7 to 12. Their total medium size makes them unique.

There are four types different from MCT:

  • Acid caproïque (C6)
    Caprylique acid (C8)
    Caprique acid (C10)
    Laurique acid (C12)

The caproïque (C6) acid stimulates the production of blood cétones. He is found in animal fats and several plants. He is slightly soluble in the water and has an unpleasant smell.

He was shown that the caprylique acid (C8) augments energy, stimulates the production of cétone and makes easier quick weight loss. He has an anticancerous and antimicrobic action.

The caprique acid (C10) has a big number of the same properties as the caprylique acid (C8) (for example, stimulates cétones, is antimicrobic and can help to reduce the bodily grease, but it takes generally a little more time so that it stimulates the production of cétone.

Finally, The laurique acid (C12) is a major component of the coconut oil. As C8 and C10, laurique acid also has an antimicrobic action. But because it is a bigger molecule (more carbon atoms linked together), even more time is needed so that it decomposes and it is not therefore optimum for the production of cétone.

Digest MCT

MCT decompose faster than triglycérides with longer chain. For example, a lot of MCT pass directly in the vein hit and are directly transported towards the liver (in the blood). Once in the liver, fatty acids are converted into cétones before being rejected in the blood where they are transported to be used by other cells, especially by your brain.

The effects of the oil MCT on our body

The pure oil C8 is an incredible oil, here is some some of its advantages:

  • She has a neutral taste so that you could add her to all your flat unworried favourites.
  • She stimulates the metabolism by helping to augment energy (via a regulation in the increase in the ways of expression of key genes).
  • She helps in weight loss.
  • She helps to regulate appetite.
  • She can be advantageous for unpredictable affections as the dental infections and the respiratory infections.

For a detailed view of the oil MCT, consult our complete article.

Why not to drink the very simple coconut oil?

Of course! But you will need to consume much higher amounts to achieve the same effects as if you were taking concentrated MCT/C10 oil. Indeed, while coconut oil contains about 65% MCT, 50% of it is lauric acid (C12) and only about 14% (combined) is C8 and C10. This means that 100% pure C8 MCT oil is almost ten times more concentrated than regular MCT oil (for example, coconut oil).

That said, coconut oil is still an excellent source of MCT. For example, research shows that lauric acid (the fatty acid that accounts for about 50% of coconut oil) is still considered an MCT and is effective in killing viruses and bacteria. In addition, it offers protection against cancer and cardiovascular disease.

How to choose MCT oil?

First, check the purity. Ideally, the list of ingredients should be short. As in the FBomb products contain only C8 and C10 fatty acids. Then make sure there are no additives or aromas. These can dilute the oil and reduce the power of the oil. If other oils are included in the ingredients, make sure this is reflected in the price, it should be cheaper.

Note: Some products contain high amounts of C6 caproic acid, which can cause stomach upset and diarrhea or nausea.

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