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Understanding the MCT oil and its benefits to the ketogenic diet

MCT Oil: What You Need to Know

You've heard about the MTC oil but don't understand exactly what it means. You are told all about the MCT, and why you should care about it, whether you are following a sugar-free diet or a ketogenic diet

What is MCT oil?

MCT is an acronym for medium chain triglycerides (also known as TCM oil). These are the main fat molecules present in coconut oil. They are sources of fuel for the body. Because of their shorter length relative to long chain triglycerides (present in olive oil and avocados), TMs are easier to digest than other fats, which means that your body can use them as a faster source of energy.
TCMs can also be converted to ketones when carbohydrate intake is very low. For those who follow a ketogenic diet, the consumption of MCT oil can help you achieve your goals.

There are four types of TCM:
Cproic acid (C6)
Caprylic acid (C8)
Cpric acid (C10)
Lauric acid (C12)

What are the benefits of TCM oil?

Buying MCT oil to consume on a daily basis has several advantages:

  • Helping you achieve your goals: The consumption of TCM can help you enter ketosis. Ketosis is a state where your body burns fat because it consumes them in the main fuel (instead of carbohydrates).
  • Helping you not get hungry: the TCM are a source of grease that can gather and support your weight loss goals.
  • You give energy: the TCM are hydrolyzed more rapidly and metabolized more fully than the long chain fatty acids (LCFA) and are less likely to be stored as fat than LCFA.

What form do MCTs take?

TCMs are in the form of powder and oil. Each form has advantages. The MCT powder is more practical if you plan to make shakes outside. You can buy individual sachets or put powder in bulk in a bag to carry with you.

MCT powder and oil have the same health benefits. If you consume it in the form of oil, you simply have to add a few drops to your coffee, tea, smoothie or soup. This oil does not change the taste. You can add it to your salad dressing, your pesto, your yogurt. MCT oil is a versatile and valuable addition to any ketogenic diet. While most MCT oils come in the form of bottles and are not portable, FBOMB MCT oil Is presented in small bags for single use and very practical. You will find different flavours of FBomb oils on our shop: crude coconut oil, macadamia oil, olive oil, pure MCT oil, walnut oil (coco, macadamia).

Are there precautions to take before consuming MCT oil?

Food and supplements containing TCM may cause gastrointestinal discomfort in some individuals. This is especially common the first time you take it. Always consult your doctor before starting a ketogenic diet.
It is recommended to start with half a serving and consume it slowly. For example, start mixing half of the recommended portion.
"The MCTs are better used when you need extra energy before a busy day at work, an intense training session, or when you extend intermittent fasting periods because they will keep you more longer," said dietician Molly Devine.
Whether in the form of powder or oil, the TCM offer a lot of versatility and can be used to follow a ketogenic lifestyle. It is not necessary to follow a low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet in order to benefit from the benefits associated with TCM consumption.

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