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20 Keto Snacks That Will Help You Stay In Ketosis Without Going Hungry

The Keto Diet is known to balance blood sugar, ease cravings, and mid-day energy loss. Still, it's always good to have a few snacks ready to eat, if you're going through a busy day or after a tough workout.

# 1 Vegetarian sticks
Cut your favorite veggies (zucchini and yellow squash are great options) and store them in the fridge for easy on the go. You can dip them in homemade guacamole or eat them as an accompaniment to fatty cheeses.

# 2 Bacon
Bake bacon ahead of time for on-the-go snacks. If you can, opt for organic pork or pasture raised pork and always choose unsalted bacon without nitrate.

# 3 Grass-fed beef
Meat is a delicious snack that will help you hit your protein and fat macros. Prepare homemade meatballs for convenient snacks that will fill you up quickly.

# 4 Fat Bombs
Fat Bombs are like candy… but they are more satisfying and much better for you. ! Try the Macadamia, Chocolate or Pecan Fat Bombs. Store them in the freezer just after preparation, then in the fridge just before eating them.

# 5 Dips of fresh or melted cheese
It's easy to overdo it with cheese, but nothing is better than a good keto cheese dip or a good fondue. Enjoy with vegetables or keto friendly crackers!

# 6 Keto Chips
There are many ways to make keto chip substitutes, from radishes to kale to cheese. Make your own keto chips from cheddar cheese. Cook them in a dish until they are crisp, then cut them into triangles.

# 7 low carb sandwiches
Following a Keto diet and eating sandwiches is possible! Just use gluten-free breads, think cheese, salad, spinach, and meat.

# 8 Charcuterie and Cheese
Simply roll cold cuts around a high fat cheese. Ideal for a snack or an aperitif.

# 9 low carb sandwiches
Following a Keto diet and eating sandwiches is possible! Just use gluten-free breads, think cheese, salad, spinach, and meat.

# 10 Hard-boiled eggs
Packed with protein and nutrients, eggs are a ready-to-eat snack. Cut them in half and sprinkle with salt.

# 11 Cauliflower Crust Pizzas
If you haven't tried making a cauliflower pizza crust yet, now is the time! Prepare them in advance and store them in the refrigerator in case of an emergency.

# 12 flax seed crackers
Top your flaxseed crackers with cheese, cream cheese, or grab a few for the road. Filled with seeds and rich in nutrients, you'll satisfy all your cravings without consuming too many carbohydrates.

# 13 Keto Fries
You can make fries with low-carb vegetables.

# 14 Bacon Wrapped Snack
It's a great idea for the holidays. You can wrap the bacon around mozzarella, veggie, or beef sticks. Try the bacon asparagus, you'll see!

# 15 Broth
Sip broth if you crave comfort with low calories. Add fresh herbs, salt and pepper for extra nutrients!

# 16 berry ice cream
Berries are among the only fruits on your keto-friendly list. They contain less sugar than most other fruits and are loaded with beneficial antioxidants. For a simple 'ice cream', mix your favorite frozen berries with coconut cream or heavy cream to form a healthy ice cream compatible with your diet.

# 17 Frapuccino
Learn how to quickly make a Frappuccino that will provide you with a lot of healthy fat, but without sugar. Check out this recipe for a quick and easy drink you'll love first thing in the morning or after a hard workout.

# 18 Keto smoothie
Yes, smoothies can be keto! You just need to replace all the fruits high in carbohydrates with healthy fats. Try these keto smoothie options for a hearty snack that will really fuel your day: Almond Acai Butter Smoothie. the Matcha smoothie, or the sea salt chocolate smoothie.

# 19 Chocolate mousse
Mix heavy cream with cocoa powder and a little vanilla for an easy to use keto mousse. Add a low-carb sweetener, like stevia, if needed.

# 20 Keto Cookies
Yep, you can eat cookies when you are on a keto diet! For a little sweet treat, try making them homemade, it's a delight!

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