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Of what think to when I prepare my menu cétogène?

Well start with regime cétogène

Regime cétogène asks to change some habits

Keto way of life represents a massive change of traditional approaches of the nutrition, regimes and even of feeding.

In the course of last decade, the scientists and the nutritionists slowly realised that regime «weak in bold / rich in carbohydrates» which nobody called into question is not willy-nilly good for body and mind.

To change his feeding habits can be complicated, that is why we wrote a small guide to allow you to start gently.

But what I can eat?

Regime cétogène is a remarkably flexible regime. By using basic concepts of high content of fats, moderate proteins and trifling carbohydratesyou can conceive a regime and a lifestyle who answer your needs.

There are some considerations to be taken into account during the planning of your food needs keto. Remember that your appetite will be reduced. It means that you could not want 3 complete meals, you will prefer perhaps only 2 meals and some light meals to the place.

You will also note that your tastes and your appetite change and fit progressively, you must therefore remain flexible. The best way is to be «in stage» with your body its appetite is to follow. You will find of a lot cétogènes recipes or low-carb on our blog recipes.

Breakfast cétogène

If you want to have breakfast breakfast, you can begin your day with a fatty coffee: the grease addition in the coffee (generally from the ghee, from the butter or from the coconut oil) will give you with energy to smell you sated during at least 4 h.

Some people prefer a recipe even more keto: bulletproof coffeea mixture of MCT, of butter and of coffee for a truth boost energy from the waking!

You can do the same with practically any hot drink, as the green tea matcha or the hot chocolate without sugar. Accompany your breakfast of granola ketoor of babies blocked without sugar!

There is nothing better than a fatty lunch!

When you choose to prepare a meal or a healthy snack bar, think in the following way:

  • Choose first your source of proteins, for example a meat or fish piece,
  • Decide then on the quantity which you are going to eat, for example the half of your contribution in proteins (if you have the intention of taking two meals today),
  • Then, add vegetables in form of salad leaves or other green vegetables, make sure to get your micronutriments from green vegetables with cool leaves, or try a food complement,
  • Add then your contribution of fats for meal, for example in form of sauce or of vinaigrette. The cauliflower watered with ghee melted has a delightful taste (try the cauliflower rice!)

Try not to complicate your meal too much. But there is some smartness, as noodles in the zucchini which are a delightful and satisfactory substitute of pasta, or else paste with keto bread to make his bread or his pizza!

To assure you that you take enough fats, you will perhaps have to add food cétogènes special in your day, such as of light meals based on fats called fatty bombs or fat bombs (find these products with our mark FBOMB)food rich in fats as lawyer's oilor simply MCT. It is really important to gain enough fat, especially when you want to lose weight.

In addition to making sure you have enough fat, it's important to eat foods you love. As your tastes change, you might suddenly hate something you liked or vice versa. Be prepared to be flexible and honest with yourself. If you remove the food pleasure, you will find that it leaves a "hole" that needs to be filled with something. Even if you don't think you're a good cook, making some simple tasty sauces is really simple and can make all the difference.

Eating estogenic desserts

Sweet dishes and desserts are something that many people miss when they start a cereal diet. But you don't need to delete them entirely! You can consume a small amount of carbohydrates in the form of nut-based snacks or by preparing them with sugar-free alternatives such as stevia or erythritrol.
But be careful not to exceed a certain carbohydrate threshold. We offer many recipes for edogenic desserts on our blog.

Don't forget to hydrate!

Hydration is an essential aspect for a successful diet. Water is really the best option, aim for at least 2 L a day, or more if you lose a lot of weight or if you train and sweat.

You can also drink diluted vegetable juices, unsweetened teas, coffee and milk. You can also drink soft drinks and sugar-free soft drinks, but usually they contain chemicals that, despite their claims, can actually increase insulin and make you gain weight, so avoid them.

Another option is to add a few drops of food-grade essential oils to flat or sparkling mineral water. The range of oils available is huge, many of them also have therapeutic virtues.

You can also consume "cetogenic drinks" or "electrolytes" that contain essential minerals.

Having sufficient intakes of minerals and salts is also crucial for hydration, if you find that you drink a lot but you are still thirsty, it could be a lack of electrolytes!

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