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Does kéto regime really walk? Explanation on common errors

Why regime cétogène is efficient

Your regime cétogène does not work how you thought of it? Some key details can sabotage your efforts, they explain you how to resolve problems!

1. Do not follow his contributions in carbohydrates

It is necessary to follow your macronutriments with weak content of carbohydrates, your proteins and lipids. It can seem obvious, but one of the most important rules of the success of Keto is to follow your consumption of carbohydrates because the hidden carbohydrates can pass unobserved.

Carbohydrates are everywhere. Although carbohydrates represent generally 5 % of your feeding in kéto regime, the precise quantity of what you can tolerate while staying in a state of cétose vary a little person to other one.

The factors who can affect the way your body uses carbohydrates understand:

  • Types of carbohydrates which you eat
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your metabolism

Use an application to list what you eat and watch your quantities of carbohydrates - at least short-term - is useful, for example MYFITNESSPAL.

Avoid augmenting your glycemia with the carbohydrates which you eat. A high glycemia will get outside you from cétose and decelerate very fast your grease loss.

2. Have no sufficient caloric intake

If you try to slim down, you could think that to eat very few calories a problem for you will not be. But when you eliminate carbohydrates and that you must also be held in moderate proteins, it is easy to end up not eating enough calories coming from lipids.

Not to use enough calories can be detrimental in the course of time. A chronically weak caloric intake can put your body in mode famine, what means that it will keep the stocked bodily grease. He can also affect negatively your hormones and other functions of your body, especially at the women.

3. Do not test his level of cétone

If you do not follow your levels of cétone to make sure which you indeed enter and stay in cétose after your meals, your kéto regime will be difficult to make continue.

There are three different ways of testing the levels of cétone in your body, but the blood tests are the best for a maximum precision. You can get a specific reading any time and see how the levels of cétone can change before or after meals or all that you make during day.

You test regularly to see exactly how what what eat (and even how you train) affect your levels of cétones.

4. Do not pay attention to the nutrition

If you want to obtain the best results, you must as think of types of food as you eat: grease and proteins of high quality - and many vegetables - for a plate rich in nutriments in every meal.

Eat grease of high quality
Of course, you can enter cétose with low-grade food as long as your macros is at good level, but it is not a healthy means to support a state of cétose.

You can add little to your toxic load if you fill your diet of meats, of dairy products and of animal fats of conventional animal husbandry. You will end up paying for it in the long term, and you will feel probably enough exhausted by it.

Healthy grease and high quality is essential for the good functioning of the brain, for the creation of hormones and for other bodily functions. Given that the content of fats represents from now on 70-80 % of your feeding, you want that it is of high quality, notably favour:

  • Lawyers
  • Fatty meat raised in air full
  • Impatient oils with cold and not refined
  • Nut
  • Whole bios olives
  • Wild Pisces

Eat micronutriments
You could be afraid to eat too many vegetables, because some of them can contain many carbohydrates. It is comprehensible, but these micronutriments are always important for your total health. You will find ideas to keep your meals rich in nutriments while keeping your low net carbohydrates on our pages recipes.

  • Concentrate on vegetables with weak content of carbohydrates (vegetables-leaves of every sort and kind are very good options) and include healthy grease when you eat them. It will keep the proportion of fats raised in your meal while giving you a good nudge in the right direction of vegetables. Besides, the grease helps in the absorption of nutriments, especially liposolubles vitamins.
  • Eat your steamed vegetables. They shrink, what allows you to eat it very at the same time.

Prepare one smoothie centered on the grease which includes vegetables as curly cabbage and spinaches.

Eat fibres
Fibres are terrifically important for your intestinal health. If you do not eat vegetables, you could lack it. Use advice above to include more vegetables into your feeding and do not forget to eat them with a source of fats of high quality.

It is possible that you have to add in a proactive way a source of fibres to your diet, as of the linen flour, seeds of the diarrhoeia shit or of the pod of psyllium to keep your happy intestine and to avoid side effects as. These work very well in smoothies, oat flakes adapted to céto and bakery products.

Include fermented food
The fermented food is another means to assure you than your health and your digestion advance correctly. If you start with the fermented food, begin experimenting with different types and try to take two-three portions a day, for example:

  • Whole yoghurt or to kéfir
    Crude pickles (without added sugar)
    Crude sauerkraut

Read the article which explains you how well to start regime cétogène for more details.

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