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Start Kéto regime

Now that you know what hides behind regime cétogène, we are going to see which are stages to be followed to start well. 5 essential elements will allow you to initiate and to follow a lasting regime:

  1. Favour categories of food
  2. Avoid some food
  3. Choose food complements (facultative)
  4. Eat the good quantity of this food
  5. Discern kéto influenza (or influenza cétogène)

If you do not know what is kéto regime, appointment on the page which explains you everything!

Food to be favoured

Favour food rich in nutriments, notably meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, as well as in many healthy grease.

All meats and seafood are included in regime cétogène (keto), provided that they are not either breaded or fried. Always choose the meat of the highest quality that you can afford, by choosing as many as possible beef bio, wild fish and poultry, pork and high eggs open-air. Enjoy:

  • BEEF, preferably fattier as the steak, the calf, roast, hacked beef and ragouts
  • Poultry, including chests of chicken, quail, duck, turkey and game - try to concentrate on fattier and darker meats
  • Pork, including pork thong, cute net, cutlets, ham and smoked back bacon without sugar
  • Fish, including mackerel, tuna, salmon, trout, halibut, cod, catfish and mahi-mahi
  • Bone bouillon, including bouillon of beef bone and bouillon of chicken bone
  • Shellfishes, including the oysters, clams, crab, moulds and the lobster
  • Offal, including the heart, the liver, the language, kidneys and offal
  • eggs, including hard eggs, in the dish or blurred
  • Lamb
    Vegetarian sources as the nuts of macadamia, almonds and the nut butter

Fill up with nut of macadamia, with almonds and with butter of nut, vegetarian sources of healthy grease. Marks FBOMB, Revolsnax, Funky Fat Foods,  Rawcology or else Stoka Bar are particularly recommended!

Do not hesitate to fill your plate with vegetables with weak content of carbohydrates. Vegetables are a very good means to get a good dose of micronutriments and therefore to avoid vitamin deficiency potentially linked to a regime cétogène.
Savour vegetables with weak content of carbohydrates, such as vegetables-leaves and crucifères, with the intention of eating vegetables containing less than 5 grammes of net carbohydrates by portion:

  • Vegetables-leaves, such as the curly cabbage, spinaches, the overripe and the rocket
  • Vegetables crucifères, including cabbage, cauliflower and zucchini
  • Lettuces, including iceberg and Roman
  • Vegetables fermented as the sauerkraut and the kimchi
  • Other vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus and the celery

If you tolerate dairy products, you can include it in your regime plan kéto. Choose whole and biological dairy products, if at all possible. Avoid the weak dairy products in bold or without fat, or the products rich in sugar. You can notably consume:

  • Spread with butter and ghee
  • Thick cream and thick whipped cream
  • Dairy products fermented as the yoghurt and to kéfir it
  • Cream
  • Hard cheeses and in soft paste

Approach fruits with caution on the keto, because they contain big quantities of sugar and of carbohydrates. If you feel like eating something light and sweet, take a handle of bays, as blueberries or raspberries. In a general way, the lawyers (the only fruit which you can appreciate in abundance) and the biological bays, (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and redcurrants) are fruits recommended for a regime cétogène.

You can savour at the same time animal fats (saturated grease) and grease based on plants thanks to a céto healthy regime. The sources of healthy fats understand the butter fed in the grass, the oil of ghee or of coconut, the olive oil, the oil of lasting palm and the oil of MCT coming from plants. You can use grease and following oils following a keto regime:

  • Spread with butter and ghee
  • Lard
  • Mayonnaise home
  • Coconut oil, coke butter
  • Linen oil
  • Olive oil
  • Oil of sesame seeds
  • Oil of MCT and powder of MCT
  • Nut oil
  • Olive oil, lawyer's oil: test sachets d'oil MCT FBOMB !

Use at pleasure flavouring in every keto meal - be sure that they do not add sugar. Think of buying cool grasses in shop.

Food to be avoided

It is preferable to avoid the following food during a regime cétogène because of their high content of carbohydrates.

Cereals and other food transformed on bases of grains are rich in carbohydrates. Avoid the whole grains, the wheat, the pasta, the rice, the oats, the barley, the rye, the corn and the quinoa. Try one of these substitutes:

  • Rice of broccoli
  • Grated Japanese radish
  • Cauliflower rice

Many vegetarians and vegetarians trust the proteins of beans, but their content of carbohydrates is terrifically high. Avoid eating red beans, mean peas, black beans and lenses.

Many fruits are packed with antioxidizers and with other micronutriments, but they are also rich in fructose, what will get outside you from cétose. Avoid apples, mangos, pineapples and other fruits (except for small quantities of bays).

Avoid vegetables starchies as potatoes, potatoes soft, some marrows, parsnips and carrots. As fruits, this food introduce advantages for health. However, you can find these vitamins and minerals in sources with weak content of carbohydrates.

It includes, without to it limiting itself however, desserts, artificial édulcorants, ice, smoothies, soda and fruit juices. Even condiments as ketchup and sauce barbecue are generally filled with sugar. If you want a dessert, try one of these products low-carb and keto-friendly.

Some alcoholic beverages are not very glycémiques and are suitable for a regime cétogène. However, keep in mind that when you drink some alcohol, your liver treats the ethanol préférentiellement and ceases producing cétones. If you follow a regime cétogène to slim down, limit your alcohol consumption. If you want a cocktail, be held in miscellany with weak content of sugar and avoid most beers and wine.

Oils of seeds are strongly transformed and can become oxidised (rancids) when you heat them. Avoid the corn oil, the oil of canola, the peanut oil and the oil of grapes pips. They also contain big quantities of fatty acids omega – 6, which are inflammatory in big quantity.

Food complements

Most people can enter cétose following a diet rich in grease and weak-willed person in carbohydrates, by getting some exercise regularly or even by testing intermittent fasting. However, if a more natural approach is not enough, you can plan to use complements. Attention, they are not enough for themselves to answer all your needs in nutriments.

The cétones exogènes are additional cétones - generally of the silly billy - hydroxybutyrate or some acétoacétate - who contribute to give you the energy which you need to thrive. You can take cétones exogènes between meals or to augment your level of energy before getting some exercise.

MCT (or triglycérides with medium chain) are a type of fatty acid which your body can convert into energy fast and efficiently. Their advantages include weight loss and energy. MCT come from coconut and are mainly sold under liquid form.

The collagen is the most abundant protein in your body (about 25-35 % complete proteins). It is the glue which supports your whole body and supports the growth of pronunciations, organs, hair and of conjunctive cloths. Amino acids of collagen compléemnts can also help detoxification in the production of energy, in the repairing of the DNA, in and in a healthy digestion.

The complements of proteins are part of complements best studied to help in weight loss, in muscular benefit and in recovery. Make sure to choose only the lactosérum fed in the grass and avoid powders containing some sugar or quite other additive likely to augment the sugar rate in the blood.

Electrolytic balance is one of the components the most critical - but the most neglecting - of a successful experience of regime cétogène. A keto regime can draw away a consumption of electrolytes more important than usually: you will therefore have to reconstruct them yourlself - a fact that few people know at the beginning of regime cétogène. Add more sodium, potassium and calcium to your feeding or take a complement which could help you.


What quantity of every macronutriment (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates) to use every day?

In general, they recommend to divide his caloric intake in the following way: 70-80 % of fats, 5-10 % of carbohydrates and 10-20 % of proteins. For a regime of 2 000 calories, it corresponds to about 165 grammes of lipids, 40 grammes of carbohydrates and 75 grammes of proteins.

Let us see fast the importance of every macronutriment and how finding ideal contribution for each:

  • Carbohydrates: without limiting the consumption of carbohydrates, you cannot enter cétose. For most people, we recommend to use less than 40 grammes of carbohydrates a day. Do not get worried, carbohydrates are not technically necessary, so that most of us can come through it by limiting them as much as we want it.
  • Grease: in your diet, grease will be your main source of calories. To help you to determine your ideal contribution in grease, you can use an adding machine Keto (that of PerfectKeto).
  • Proteins: The protein is an essential part of any regime. If you do not eat it enough, you will augment your risks of losing the muscular mass. On the other hand, to eat too many proteins can reduce the production of cétone. It is the reason for which it is essential to eat the good quantity of proteins during a regime cétogène.

Kéto influenza

Many people suffer common short-term side effects, similar to the pseudo-influenzal symptoms. These temporary symptoms are dehydration by-products and weak levels of contributions in carbohydrates while your body fits:

  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Cerebral fog
  • Pain of stomach
  • Weak motivation

These symptoms can be shortened or avoided by taking supplements based on cétones: they contribute to return transition towards much shorter and easier cétose.

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