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Tous les compléments pour suivre un régime kéto équilibré et en pleine santé

Do some sports following a kéto regime | Cast iron of grease and endurance

How to reconcile sports and regime cétogène

Exercise is the perfect complement of a céto regime and low carb. Learn the good way to train to improve weight loss, to develop the muscular mass and to support your high level of energy.

To start a kéto regime means to reduce carbohydrates considerably. Given that these macronutriments are the main source of fuel of the body, you wonder perhaps what are your best exercise options to draw you away?

Good news is that exercise is one of the most advantageous life choices that you could make to supplement your regime cétogène rich in grease and your total health.

To help you to discover how to combine keto diet and training - and to demystify misconceptions - this guide introduces regimes with weak content of carbohydrates and sports, especially as regards muscular building and contribution in carbohydrates.

Do some sports in cétose

The traditional vision of grease loss - to eat less and to make more than exercise, often with long periods of cardio - is outdated and untenable.

To see true results when it is a question of sliming down and of becoming thinner, what you eat count.

A good starting point is to learn to choose the meat, the dairy products and the seafood. Pay attention to the quality of the food which you use during your regime cétogène - and to support a stable state of cétose - the first stage, the most important is.

Exercise is not only one of the essential pillars of an optimum health, but also it also has an essential role in your way of life cétogène. He can improve cardiovascular health, help to construct a thin bodily mass, to reinforce your bones and to have a terrifically positive impact on your mental health.

Fortunately, to do some sports in parallel of a kéto regime is possible and even recommended, especially when you try to avoid the symptoms of «kéto influenza». You just need to keep in mind the considerations which follow.

Different trainings

Your nutritional needs vary according to the type of practiced exercise. The styles of training are generally divided into four types: aerobe, anaérobie, suppleness and stability.

Aerobic exercise, also called cardio exercise, is all that lasts more than 30 minutes. Trainings cardio in weak intensity and in permanent area can draw away an increase of the combustion of grease, what makes a very good option for those main objective of which is weight loss.

Exercise anaérobie the training in force, CrossFit is characterised by shorter explosions of energy, such as or the training by intervals with high intensity (HIIT). Carbohydrates are the main fuel for financial year anaérobie, therefore the only grease can not give enough energy for this type of training.

Exercises of suppleness your pronunciations can stretch your muscles, support and improve your muscular amplitude. Yoga and simple stretching exercises after training can augment your suppleness, helping so to tell wounds caused by the shortening of your muscles in the course of time.

Stability exercises balance exercises and basic training include. They can help to improve your alignment, to reinforce your muscles and to favour a better control of your movements.

- Carbohydrates and kéto regime -

During trainings of weak intensity in moderate (aerobic exercise), the body uses the grease as main source of energy.
During trainings of high intensity (exercise anaérobie), carbohydrates are generally the main source of energy.

When you are in cétose, you use the bodily grease as the main source of energy. It can return exercises with high intensity a little more difficult at the beginning of your regime. However, there is a solution for those who get some exercise anaérobie the heart of their activity plan. It is what is called regime cétogène directed.

Regime cétogène directed and sports performances

If you prefer exercises of higher intensity (as the sprint or the weightlifting) and than you want to train more than three times a week, you could plan to adapt your regime cétogène according to your needs in carbohydrates. To be held in kéto standard regime will not be probably enough in your case.

The best and the most reliable way of determining optimum contribution in carbohydrates to support your lifestyle and your health objectives is to use a cétogène adding machine (for example that of Perfect Keto - in English).

A kéto adding machine can help you to determine your macronutriments, to support your course of weight loss and to give you a definite value among carbohydrates which you should eat.

Train with a kéto directed regime

While on regime standard cétogène, you would be held in 20-50 grammes of net carbohydrates a day, on a regime cétogène directed, these net carbohydrates should be got 30 minutes at one o'clock before a training from high intensity.

Good one golden rule consists in eating 15-30 grammes of fast-acting carbohydrates, such as fruits, in 30 minutes before your training and in 30 minutes afterwards. It will assure you to give in your muscles the good quantity of glycogen to be performed during training and also recovery.

To respect this delay allows the carbohydrates to be used exactly to this end and to avoid whole risk of going out of cétose. Except it, you can go on with regime ratios standard kéto during the rest of the day.

For those who prefer moderate or weak aerobic activities, suppleness and stability, to follow a diet cétogène normal should be a good choice.

To combine sports and kéto regime is good for health

At first sight, it would be possible to think that regime cétogène is an obstacle to physical performance on long term, but it is not precise.

In a recent study, in the course of a running of three hours, 2 - 3 times more grease cast iron were noticed at the ultra-tough athletes' who ate food with weak content of carbohydrates during an average of 20 months in comparison with those who follow a regime rich in carbohydrates. In the same study, the group with weak content of carbohydrates used and reconstructed the same quantity of muscular glycogen as puts it together with high content of carbohydrates.

Another study led in Australia showed that fact to be in cétose could help to support glycemia during financial year at the persons suffering from obesity.

Besides, he was shown that fact to be in a state of cétose helps to tell the tiredness during long periods of aerobic financial year and the athletes to recover after trainings of high intensity.

To combine sports and kéto regime is good for health

If you begin following a weak regime in carbohydrates and rich in grease and that you have a passion as training with high intensity, it is important to include well which version of regime kéto admits to you the best.

The keto diet can have a bad reputation in terms of exercise because of popular carbohydrate-rich philosophies. But the truth is that it has a healthy place in a low or moderate regular exercise routine, and it can be easily adapted to the lifestyles of those who are more active.

It is essential to arm yourself with the best possible information about adopting a Keto lifestyle and how you can benefit from all the health benefits it can bring.

The beauty of the cetogenic diet is that it is not a unique model. All it takes is a little adjustment to find what works best for you.

This adaptability makes keto one of the most popular and durable diets. When combined with your favorite workout, it contributes greatly to a healthy and long-term lifestyle.

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